Dr. Murat Emir is an academician in Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun and Head of Science Commission in Honey Promotion Association, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrator (ranked 1st), MsC degree in Accounting-Finance and PhD degree in Agricultural Economics (Exploring the Socio Economic Structure of Beekeepers and Their Production Efficiency in Turkey). He served as a trainee in Arkas Cooperation, Mercedes Benz Turk Inc. and The Directorate of Mint during his university education. Short after his graduation, he worked as the responsible manager of a logistic company which serves all over Turkey and as the responsible coordinator publicizing Turkey for some banks working under an agreement. Between September 2007 and February 2009 he taught Administration, Finance, Human resources management, Capital market, Economics, Consumer Banking, Law of obligations and Risk management as the guest lecturer in Vocational High School at Kadir Has University. Since February 2009, he worked as a research assistant in agricultural economics at 19 Mayıs University. Mr. Emir has ten years of professional working experience in the fields of economic development, local enterprises, beekeeping, milk, fishing, agricultural firms, entrepreneurship, auditing, financial management and marketing. He has got national and international publications, projects and training in these areas. He was a guest speaker at Beekeeping Congress organized in 2014 in Muğla and had some TV programs in 2015-2017.